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Apr 4 2010

Episode 14 “Guy Walks Into A Psychiatrist’s Office…”

Right off the bat, the opening of season two of The Sopranos ups the ante. We’re shown a very cinematic montage, giving us the status of the Sopranos characters as the new season begins. The montage is set to Frank Sinatra’s It Was A Very Good Year. Up to that point in time (January 2000) there weren’t too many television shows that felt so much like an actual Hollywood movie going experience. The Sopranos accomplished that within the first 5 minutes of season two. The montage does an excellent job of expressing what’s going on with each character without the use of dialogue.

Mar 11 2010

Episode 11 “Nobody Knows Anything”

Episode 11 kicks off in a brothel, where Tony, Paulie & Big Pussy are gettin’ their rocks off. I don’t remember seeing these guys hanging out in brothels in any other Sopranos episode. Most of the time they are either on a yacht or in a hotel room when it comes to goomar time.

Feb 13 2010

Episode 06 “Pax Soprana”

“Pax Soprana” opens up with a scene that I believe is some foreshadowing by the writers. Please keep in mind as you read this blog, that I’m not writing it from the perspective of seeing the show for the first time, but I’m looking at the series as a whole, to notice things I might’ve never noticed before and to tie together different episodes, seasons & storylines. With that in mind, if you haven’t watched The Sopranos before, beware of plenty of spoilers on this blog for season one and all six seasons.

Feb 7 2010

Episode 04 “Meadowlands”

Episode 4 of the Sopranos introduces us to the first of several Tony Soprano dream sequences that would show up throughout almost every season of the show. There are many interpretations for Tony’s dreams, especially the latter ones found in the final seasons.