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Oct 13 2010

Lady Gaga’s Appearance on The Sopranos [VIDEO]

I wasn’t the only one that doubted Lady Gaga’s appearance on The Sopranos. Looks like I was wrong.

Jul 10 2010

The Ralph Cifaretto Whore Tribute [VIDEO]

A quick tribute video to Ralph Cifaretto, spouting out one of his favorite words.

Jul 7 2010

The Sopranos Deleted Scenes [VIDEO]

Have you been crawling the interwebs in search of The Sopranos deleted scenes? Watch all of them here, embedded directly from YouTube.

Apr 2 2010

Sopranos Season 2 HBO Promotional Trailer

I wanted to posted one more Sopranos trailer for season two before I start blogging on this season in our episode guide. As far as the standards of an HBO trailer for The Sopranos, this one seems a bit weak, however it’s very interesting to see how HBO marketed this show in it’s early life. This trailer was probably released sometime towards the end of 1999, as the second season began in January 2000.

Mar 22 2010

Twitter Giveaway: Win 2 Tickets to the Sopranos Sites Tour!

All Due Respect would like to congratulate the winner from Twitter : @thevosse

Mar 21 2010

The Top 5 Reasons Why I Don’t Think That A Sopranos Movie Would Work

Here’s my top five reasons on why I don’t think a Sopranos movie would work. (As usual, with all of my posts, please beware Soprano’s spoilers below!)