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May 18 2010

Episode 17 “Commendatori”

FBI Warning! I find a lot of symbolism in the opening scene, as Tony and the gang attempt to watch a bootlegged copy of The Godfather Part II on DVD and the disc is stuck on the FBI Warning title. The symbolism here is not for danger of making illegal copies of Hollywood movies, but for the lives that these made men lead. It could also reference Big Pussy’s current status, as he’s a rat who’s working with the feds.

Apr 4 2010

Episode 14 “Guy Walks Into A Psychiatrist’s Office…”

Right off the bat, the opening of season two of The Sopranos ups the ante. We’re shown a very cinematic montage, giving us the status of the Sopranos characters as the new season begins. The montage is set to Frank Sinatra’s It Was A Very Good Year. Up to that point in time (January 2000) there weren’t too many television shows that felt so much like an actual Hollywood movie going experience. The Sopranos accomplished that within the first 5 minutes of season two. The montage does an excellent job of expressing what’s going on with each character without the use of dialogue.

Mar 4 2010

Episode 09 “Boca”

“Boca” opens up with a scene in a cemetery. AJ Soprano is running around with wild dogs as Livia & Junior Soprano visit Johnny Boy’s grave. The tombstone reads “John Francis Soprano : In memory of a loving husband and father”. I’m surprised Livia didn’t embed the words “he was an angel” somewhere on Johnny Boy’s tombstone.

Feb 27 2010

Episode 08 “The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti”

Welcome to the dream world of Christopher Moltisanti. “The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti” opens up with Christopher experiencing a nightmare regarding the first man that he whacked, known as Emil Kolar (or as Christopher calls him, “Email Kolar”). The unsanctioned hit took place in the first episode of The Sopranos, at Satriale’s. Satriale’s also appears to be the setting for Christopher’s nightmare. This nightmare sequence was done extremely well, considering it was shot back in 1998. I love the scenery and colors used when Emil Kolar first appears in Christopher’s dream.

Feb 20 2010

Episode 07 “Down Neck”

For the fans of The Sopranos who are into the mafia aspect of the show, “Down Neck” is a very uneventful episode. However if you are into the back story of Tony Soprano’s life, there is much to learn in this episode. On that note I’d like to mention that the true fans will love this and every episode, whether people are getting whacked or not.