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Mar 23 2009

Episode 02 “46 Long”

E2 Silvio & TonyThe second episode. Interesting things to note…the show starts out with the show instead of the regular Sopranos theme and credits. The “intro” lasts for a couple of minutes, Silvio says the line “just when I was out, they bring me back in” a couple of times and then the theme and credits roll. It was a formula that really didn’t work for this show. I’m not sure how many episodes they started out like that, but I don’t think it lasts very long.

Mar 14 2009

Episode 01 “The Sopranos”

It’s kind of weird to go back and watch the first episode of your favorite television show. Especially when 10 years have passed since it first aired. In the first episode of The Sopranos we’re introduced to a slew of the original characters that we’ve all come to know and love. It’s exciting to be reunited with these characters. For the most part we know which ones have been whacked and which ones survived. Then again, there are a few who’s fate we’ll probably never know.

Mar 6 2009

The Sopranos Season 1 Trailer

Before I get started re-watching season one of The Sopranos, I’m posting this season one trailer. I found this on YouTube and let me tell you, there are quite a number of awesome Sopranos videos on YouTube. If you have a moment, check out our Sopranos Blog YouTube Channel for a collection of great Sopranos videos.

Mar 5 2009

Here We Go Again

Tony SopranoIt’s been almost two years since The Sopranos wrapped up production and the final 9 episodes aired on HBO. So here I am, 10 years after the show first premiered, starting a new blog about The Sopranos. You must think I’m crazy. Well it’s true.