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May 20 2010

Episode 18 “Big Girls Don’t Cry”

Less than one episode after spending 95% of his time comatose on heroin in Itlay, Christopher Moltisanti barges into a brothel and declares that the owner is a ‘drug addict’. The writing on this show never lets me down. Christopher came to collect money due to Tony Soprano and he leaves with nothing. Maybe it’s the drugs that are making him too soft?

Mar 19 2010

Episode 13 “I Dream Of Jeannie Cusamano”

Throughout the years, whenever I would notice David Chase in the writing credits for a Sopranos episode, I knew that I was in for a great episode, and this one is no exception. This episode marks the first time that John Patterson would direct a Sopranos season finale. He would continue to direct each season finale of The Sopranos up until the 5th season (Episode 65 – “All Due Respect”).

Feb 11 2010

Episode 05 “College”

The majority of episode 5 revolves around two storylines. The first being Tony & Meadow Soprano’s trip to Maine (that were actually shot in New Jersey) in search of a suitable college for Meadow. Out of this storyline develops the subplot of Tony recognizing a rat aka Fabian Petrulio who was a former member of the DiMeo crime family. So while they are making stops along the way, Tony becomes obsessed with tracking down Fabian.