Feb 20 2010

Episode 07 “Down Neck”

Episode Guide : Season 1

For the fans of The Sopranos who are into the mafia aspect of the show, “Down Neck” is a very uneventful episode. However if you are into the back story of Tony Soprano’s life, there is much to learn in this episode. On that note I’d like to mention that the true fans will love this and every episode, whether people are getting whacked or not.

Feb 13 2010

Episode 06 “Pax Soprana”

Episode Guide : Season 1

“Pax Soprana” opens up with a scene that I believe is some foreshadowing by the writers. Please keep in mind as you read this blog, that I’m not writing it from the perspective of seeing the show for the first time, but I’m looking at the series as a whole, to notice things I might’ve never noticed before and to tie together different episodes, seasons & storylines. With that in mind, if you haven’t watched The Sopranos before, beware of plenty of spoilers on this blog for season one and all six seasons.

Feb 11 2010

Episode 05 “College”

Episode Guide : Season 1

The majority of episode 5 revolves around two storylines. The first being Tony & Meadow Soprano’s trip to Maine (that were actually shot in New Jersey) in search of a suitable college for Meadow. Out of this storyline develops the subplot of Tony recognizing a rat aka Fabian Petrulio who was a former member of the DiMeo crime family. So while they are making stops along the way, Tony becomes obsessed with tracking down Fabian.

Feb 8 2010

The Sopranos Complete First Season on Blu-ray

Sopranos Season 1 Blu-RayIn November of 2009, the complete first season of The Sopranos was released in Blu-ray format.

I’m not gonna lie, I’d die to have the Sopranos on Blu-ray. I currently own every episode in DVD format, but I would really love to see every episode of the Sopranos in HD format.

Feb 7 2010

Episode 04 “Meadowlands”

Episode Guide : Season 1

Episode 4 of the Sopranos introduces us to the first of several Tony Soprano dream sequences that would show up throughout almost every season of the show. There are many interpretations for Tony’s dreams, especially the latter ones found in the final seasons.

Feb 7 2010

The Sopranos Official Website Updated

HBO Sopranos Web Update 2010For anyone out there who is a website nerd like me, you’ll be interested to know that in January of 2010 HBO updated their website. It’s been quite a while since they updated their site. I’m talking ALMOST a decade. Sure it’s changed a few times since the Sopranos premiered in 1999, but it really did need a fresh new look.

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