Charley Campbell

Charley Campbell

All Due Respect is a Sopranos Blog written by Charley Campbell, a New Jersey native, who currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee. The blog was started in March 2009, and after a brief hiatus, has resumed at high speed in February 2010.

Charley started this blog in hopes of bringing together people who miss The Sopranos, as well as to go back and watch every episode, to look for insight & hidden meanings and just to relive the greatest television experience ever. The blog was started on March 5, 2009 with this entry.

Social media is a huge part of this Sopranos website. You can link up with ‘All Due Respect’ through RSS, Twitter, Facebook and on YouTube. Not only will we keep you updated on new episode posts, but anything that has to do with Sopranos – videos, music, news, actors, etc…we’ll keep you in the loop.

For more information on Charley, visit his Twitter, Facebook, or his website.