The Sopranos Deleted Scenes [VIDEO]

On November 11, 2008, HBO Home Video released The Sopranos: The Complete Series Gift Set. Such a release caused a Sopranos fan like myself to drool, mostly because of the ‘3.5 hours of never-before-seen features’, namely the deleted scenes. However with a list price just under $400 along with the fact that I already own every season on DVD, I wasn’t ready to make such an investment (I’m currently holding out for a complete blu-ray boxed set of The Sopranos).

However recently it came to my attention that the deleted scenes had been posted to YouTube by a user with the name jcracker. I’ve been sharing these deleted scenes here and there on our Facebook & Twitter accounts, but I figured I’d also put up this post for those of you who haven’t seen The Sopranos deleted scenes yet.

So here they are, the 12 Sopranos deleted scenes that come with the complete series gift set. I don’t know about you, but I can never get enough of The Sopranos, so here’s just a little bit more…