Sopranos Season 2 HBO Promotional Trailer

I wanted to posted one more Sopranos trailer for season two before I start blogging on this season in our episode guide. As far as the standards of an HBO trailer for The Sopranos, this one seems a bit weak, however it’s very interesting to see how HBO marketed this show in it’s early life. This trailer was probably released sometime towards the end of 1999, as the second season began in January 2000.

Instead of showing actual footage from the episodes, as future Soprano’s trailers would, this trailer featured clips of Sopranos characters that were shot for promotional purposes only. The clip focuses on each of the main characters and uses titles to give clues for each person’s agendas in the new season.

As far as the music used in this video, I’m gonna say that it just plain sucks. It’s a far cry from the Season 6 (Part 1) trailer featuring Nine Inch Nail’s The Mark Has Been Made.

Anyway, take a look at this one, which I found on YouTube. And get ready for some season two blogs / discussion to start within the next week.

– All Due Respect