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Season 2

Currently we are rewatching & blogging The Soprano's season two episodes.

Big Pussy & Richie Aprile are about to give Tony Soprano some major headaches. Add in the fact that Janice Soprano returns to New Jersey and the panic attacks are sure to return.

Rewatch the second season of The Sopranos with us!

Season 1

Some will argue that season one is the best of The Soprano's seasons.

Take a look further into the first 13 episodes; perhaps we caught something you missed, or vice versa?

Comments & discussions on every post are welcome.

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Oct 30 2010

Rest in Peace Denise Borino-Quinn (Ginny Sack)

The actress who played Ginny Sacramoni on The Sopranos, Denise Borino-Quinn, has died of liver cancer. She passed away on Wednesday, October 27, 2010.

Oct 13 2010

Lady Gaga’s Appearance on The Sopranos [VIDEO]

I wasn’t the only one that doubted Lady Gaga’s appearance on The Sopranos. Looks like I was wrong.

Jul 17 2010

Episode 21 “Full Leather Jacket”

Episode Guide : Season 2

Full Leather Jacket opens up with a great tune, Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty. Suddenly we’re having dinner with The Soprano family. Usually the family dinner scenes take place anyplace in an episode besides the first scene, which feels a little bit out of place. Speaking out ‘out of place’, the leather jacket that Richie Aprile gives to Tony Soprano, looks so out of place on Tony, it’s not even funny. Okay, maybe it’s funny to us, but definitely not to Tony and Richie. The episode title references the jacketFull Leather Jacket, which is a play on words from the 1987 Stanley Kubrick film, Full Metal Jacket.

Jul 10 2010

The Ralph Cifaretto Whore Tribute [VIDEO]

A quick tribute video to Ralph Cifaretto, spouting out one of his favorite words.

Jul 7 2010

The Sopranos Deleted Scenes [VIDEO]

Have you been crawling the interwebs in search of The Sopranos deleted scenes? Watch all of them here, embedded directly from YouTube.

Jul 2 2010

Episode 20 “D-Girl”

Episode Guide : Season 2

Just when we thought Christopher Moltisanti was done with Hollywood, they pull him back in; Christopher & Adriana join Chris’s cousin Gregory Moltisanti and his fiancée Amy Safir for some drinks in the city. Amy works for Jon Favreau (who plays himself in this episode) and they are both interested in reading Christopher’s movie script. A few episodes prior, the writers had us thinking that Christopher was through with big screen distractions, however he now wants to dive back in. The Sopranos writers were always great at delivering diversions like that.

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